Ms. Tucker has served as a director since June 2015. Ms. Tucker has served as the founder and chief strategy officer for marketing consultancy firm, Calade Partners LLC since January 2014. Ms. Tucker served as the senior vice president-corporate marketing of FedEx Services, Inc., a subsidiary of FedEx Corporation, a public company engaged in transportation, e-commerce and business services, from 2000 to 2013 and was employed by FedEx in various capacities of increasing experience and responsibilities since 1978. Ms. Tucker currently serves as a director, a member of the audit committee, and the chair of the corporate governance and nominating committee of Forward Air Corporation. Ms. Tucker holds a bachelor’s degree and an MBA from the University of Memphis. Ms. Tucker’s qualifications include financial and compensation expertise, global operations experience and strong leadership skills developed as a public company board member, including as a member of public company audit, compensation and nominating and corporate governance committees, and as a senior executive serving in various roles at a large multinational public company. These credentials, together with her expertise and experience in ecommerce, retail, technology, customer service and corporate marketing, add significant value to the board of directors and make Ms. Tucker a well-qualified candidate for re-election as a director.